11.11.11 Festival: dal palco del Cso Bruno - VALERIAN SWING & ORNAMENTS + FUGITIVE

Venerdì 11.11.2011
Festival in 11 palchi e 11 città diverse

11.11.11 Festival | We=Trouble | Poisonforsouls | Laterraurla

VALERIAN SWING (Sperimental/ Progressive/ Ambient, ITA)
Magic Bullet Records / Subsuburban (Vinyl)

ORNAMENTS (Instrumental drone suites, ITA)


Ingresso 3 euro
Inizio: ore 22.30
Chiusura: ore 2.30
no glass

Apertura centro sociale ore 20.30



”A Sailor Lost Around The Earth” has been released worlwide on April 12, 2011.
Guest appearance in their new record is the internationally acclaimed trombonist Gianluca Petrella.
SubSuburban Recording Company take care of the vinyl release which included a 7” with special remixes from Simon Scott (former Slowdive) and Isan.
In the first months following the release the band already toured for more than 30 concerts across Italy and Europe (Austria, Czech Republic, Poland, Germany, Denmark, Sweden, Norway) as headliner
and support act for Boris, Russian Circles, City of Ships, EF.



Ornaments is the perfect representation of the common passion for music of a group of friends. Years of attending shows, listening to lps, entire days closed up in a rehearsal room, many kilometers on the road with a bunch of cds piled up on the dashboard.
The first self-titled EP (2004) is made up of 4 instrumental tracks. Long silent atmospheric moments are ruptured by huge brutal explosions of sound. Dark atmospheres create even more obscure visions. The song structures mix the sharp edges and tight mechanical feeling of a heavy brutal sound with a more harmonic post-rock dreaminess. Tension just keeps building up during the whole listening experience of these 4 tracks. A purifying moment just seems around the corner but it just never actually comes, the music keeps on growing in an infinite spiral.


Fugitive è una band strumentale dedita ad un sound influenzato da post-metal e post-rock, i quali sono rivisitati secondo una venatura progressive e a tratti jazz nelle parti più soffuse. Il tutto mischiato a riff monolitici ed un uso estensivo di loops. Il risultato è un equilibrio tra tessiture loopate e monoliti doom primordiali.

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